Bert Fontcuberta, proprietor of MapMan, LLC and author of The St. Tammany Navigator, is a St. Tammany native and lifelong resident and was raised in Old Golden Shores on the edge of historic Lewisburg in Mandeville. A child with a vivid imagination and sense of adventure, Bert enjoyed swimming in Lake Pontchartrain and searching the Lewisburg grounds for Indian arrowheads and artifacts. This style of treasure hunting and insatiable appetite for the unknown built the groundwork for his mapping skills later in life.

Bert's father, the late Joe Fontcuberta, a land surveyor, established Surveys, Inc. in 1954. As early as 10 years old, Bert was mesmerized with drafting and began to intern under the watchful eye of his father. He developed a keen eye in hand-drafting thousands of maps during his youth including right-of-ways, lot surveys and subdivision designs--a skill that would later dictate his direction in life.

The mapping industry was sorely lacking in providing comprehensive, current maps detailing our local streets, subdivisions, and waterways. With a passion to guide people to a better life and a desire to help promote the beauty of our native land, Bert decided to combine his talents and compassion in forming MapMan, LLC. With his access to vital records attained from his father's business, along with 30 years of research, cartography, and creative talents, Bert designed a unique product titled The St. Tammany Navigator.
The St. Tammany Navigator is a complete, up-to-date mapping system containing 56 maps of St. Tammany Parish outlined by township and range lines making it a useful tool to pinpoint rural property. The map's intricate detail in rural areas brings a new guiding light for emergency crews in the face of an emergency. Nature lovers can now discover local back roads without fear of losing their way, and Service Companies now know where new subdivisions are located.

As a steward of compassion and a connoisseur of history with a perennial desire to solve life's mysteries, Bert offered his services to local law agencies, a local high school, and created a preservation alliance. Working as a Mandeville Police Department Jr. Reservist, Bert's familiarity of the Northshore backwoods and desire to guide people led him to assist in the recovery of an elderly man who had been missing in the woods for two weeks.
After Bert started a family, he felt compelled to protect them by volunteering as a Reserve with the St. Tammany Sheriff's Office and the Covington Police Department. As a Captain and Commander of 25 Reservists at the Covington P.D., Bert enlisted the same hard work and dedication as an entrepreneur in recruiting, training, and providing security details for Covington's public events. His keen insight and attention to detail allowed him to initiate two felony arrests, including the apprehension of an ATM robber.

In his efforts to prepare Reservists for full-time careers in law enforcement, Bert's leadership skills caught the attention of Reservists throughout the state and consequently Bert was elected President of the Louisiana Association of Reserve Peace Officers. Just as map making requires strong motivational and organizational skills to produce a quality, up-to-date product, Bert grabbed the reigns of his political influence and brought change to reservists across the state in authoring a bill to recognize these dedicated professionals. As a result, reservists and their families are recognized every year during the first week of April during Louisiana Reserve Peace Officer Recognition Week. After a successful 10-year tenure, Bert retired his commission in 2003.

With an eye to the future, Bert continues to guide the good people of St. Tammany in education and preservation. His undying commitment to provide mapping expertise to the community can be seen in Bert's mentoring work with interns from Mandeville High School. In an effort to preserve St. Tammany's quality of life and historical integrity, Bert organized the West St. Tammany Preservation Alliance. In his work with contractors and developers, Bert acts as a spokesperson for residents of subdivisions and effectively communicates their needs in a language the builders can understand. Negotiations in the early stages of development prevent future problems and a unified voice has resulted in positive improvements for the community.

Bert has not only developed a unique mapping product but a network of skills and diverse talents that reach people both professionally and personally throughout St. Tammany Parish and beyond. Since early childhood, Bert realized the importance of civil responsibility in keeping a good quality map with you at all times. Unfortunately, with the rapid expansion of the parish, even our most critical civil officers do not have current maps. During his law enforcement career, Bert witnessed a tragedy where a life was lost because the emergency staff could not respond quickly enough due to an inability to navigate. At that point, Bert committed himself to pooling all his resources and experiences in creating the Navigator and offering it to police departments and emergency crews so that such a tragedy would never be repeated again.

The Navigator is not limited to St. Tammany Parish. Bert has completed St. Helena Parish, Washington Parish, and Tangipahoa Parish and has additional mapping contracts underway. Bert has also been commissioned by the St. Helena 911 Communications Board and the Tangipahoa Parish 911 Board to produce and maintain maps of those Parishes.

Many people's lives have been touched by Bert's dedication to guiding the community to a better way of life. Stephen Miller, BS, M.Ed., concurs, "I am proud to endorse The Navigator concept and its developer, Mr. Bert Fontcuberta. This quintessential program is for anyone who needs the most accurate, up-to-date and renewable solutions. It is the life's work of a man dedicated to excellence and making his world a better place. Bert is a teacher, inventor, community leader and entrepreneur extraordinaire. I am proud to have him as my friend and mentor."

For information about additional mapping services and products MapMan, LLC provides, please call Bert Fontcuberta at 985-893-5023.


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